Employees Burning Out From a Lack of Work Breaks

Employees Burning Out From a Lack of Work Breaks

The GrindstoneThe Grindstone

More than one-quarter of professionals don’t take breaks at work, other than lunch.

Chained to the CubicleChained to the Cubicle

55% say they can’t leave their desks for a break, and one in five say they’d feel too much guilt if they took a break.

A Win-Win PropositionA Win-Win Proposition

90% of employers say they encourage breaks, and 86% of workers acknowledge that taking a break would make them more productive.

Me TimeMe Time

41% of employees feel burnt out from working longer days, and say regular breaks would improve their work (59%), personal happiness (43%) and health (37%).

What Employees Would Like to Do on a BreakWhat Employees Would Like to Do on a Break

Eat Lunch: 84%, Run errands: 57%, Socialize with coworkers: 24%, Exercise: 20%

BYOS (Bring Your Own Snack)BYOS (Bring Your Own Snack)

86% of survey participants say their office doesn’t supply snacks to encourage breaks.

Nutrition SolutionNutrition Solution

57% of employees want healthy snacks (like nuts, fruits and granola bars) in the break room, compared to just 10% who want chips, cookies and candy.

Caffeine FixCaffeine Fix

30% say their companies don’t supply coffee, and 45% of employees say they take up to 40 minutes to leave the office to get coffee.

Unfurnished SpaceUnfurnished Space

50% of survey respondents say their company doesn’t supply comfy furniture in the break room to encourage its use.

Catching ZZZsCatching ZZZs

10% of employees admit they’d take naps at lunch if they could.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
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