How a Crowded Cloud Creates Many Complexities

How a Crowded Cloud Creates Many Complexities

How a Crowded Cloud Creates Many ComplexitiesHow a Crowded Cloud Creates Many Complexities

A failure to involve the tech department in line-of-business units’ cloud app implementation efforts limits the effectiveness of these initiatives.

Underperforming PartnershipUnderperforming Partnership

Only 43% of survey respondents say their IT department is taking on a more “modern” approach in enabling business units to succeed, and just 36% say IT better enables business strategic initiatives in working with line-of-business units.

Ramping UpRamping Up

48% say the size of their IT team responsible for cloud apps has increased in recent years, while only 8% say it’s decreased.

Isolated EffortIsolated Effort

Just 50% say IT collaborates with departments to make joint decisions about cloud systems.

Valuable IntelValuable Intel

54% say cloud apps help improve the quality of management information within their organization, and 47% say these apps allow teams to prepare this information more rapidly.

Sales SupportSales Support

49% say cloud apps increase the quality of their customer service.

Redundant ResourcesRedundant Resources

40% say their company uses more than four cloud apps at a time. Only 15% say their organization uses a single cloud app.

Top Issues among Cloud App-Using CompaniesTop Issues among Cloud App-Using Companies

Capped/reduced IT budgets: 61%, Slow performance: 50%, App access: 46%

Best Practices: Get IT InvolvedBest Practices: Get IT Involved

Without IT’s input, departments may buy cloud solutions without thinking about how multiple systems will share data, leading to integration and synchronization issues.

Best Practices: SimplifyBest Practices: Simplify

Reducing the number of platforms in use translates to less demands upon system back-ends, as well as the skills and resources required to support the platforms.

Best Practices: Establish End-to-End Process SupportBest Practices: Establish End-to-End Process Support

Take advantage of multiple platform/systems data, for example, to provide richer reports. Develop standardized metrics/KPIs for deeper insights about business insights for end users. Identify ways to speed up overall processing for complex workflows.

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