Why Workers Are Overwhelmed by Holiday Pressures

Why Workers Are Overwhelmed by Holiday Pressures

Why Workers Are Overwhelmed by Holiday PressuresWhy Workers Are Overwhelmed by Holiday Pressures

It’s important for companies and their workers to be transparent and set ground rules for gift-giving, decor and events that match their office culture.

Seasonal StressSeasonal Stress

41% of U.S. workers say there’s too much pressure to buy holiday gifts for colleagues, bosses and many others.


Just 31% plan to give to co-workers at their level, down from 38% last year.

Managerial RestraintManagerial Restraint

Only 28% expect to give a gift to their boss, down from 34% in 2014.

Cut-Off ColleaguesCut-Off Colleagues

Just 19% intend to give to other colleagues, down from 24% a year ago.

Inclusive InclinationInclusive Inclination

Among those who plan to buy gifts for people at work, 44% would still give gifts to those who do not celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa to make them feel included.

Party Policy, Part IParty Policy, Part I

51% say their company will celebrate the holiday season as an office, with 58% saying their employer typically acknowledges specific holidays between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

Party Policy, Part IIParty Policy, Part II

About one-of-five say their organization will host a non-denominational holiday party this year.

Open EndedOpen Ended

44% would prefer their company to host a general end-of-year celebration that isn’t specific to religious or cultural beliefs.

Appreciative GestureAppreciative Gesture

55% feel that the purpose of an office holiday celebration is to thank employees for their work throughout the year.

Sign of the TimesSign of the Times

18% say their company isn’t planning to celebrate the holidays this year because—at least in part—employees are too spread out and there’s no single, central location to have a party.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
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