Seven All-Time Inventive Late Excuses From Workers

Seven All-Time Inventive Late Excuses From Workers

Personal PreferencesPersonal Preferences

48% of employers expect their staffers to be on time every day, while 34% say it’s fine to be late every once in a while as long as it doesn’t become a pattern.

Singular MeasurementSingular Measurement

18% don’t care how their employees manage their time, saying all that matters is that they do their jobs well.

Dismissed for CauseDismissed for Cause

35% have fired an employee for tardiness.

All-Time Inventive Late Excuses: Out All NightAll-Time Inventive Late Excuses: Out All Night

An employee confessed to waking up on the front lawn of a house two blocks away from his home.

All-Time Inventive Late Excuses: Potty TrainingAll-Time Inventive Late Excuses: Potty Training

A worker’s cat got stuck in the toilet.

All-Time Inventive Late Excuses: Vision ChallengedAll-Time Inventive Late Excuses: Vision Challenged

A staffer accidentally put super glue in her eye instead of contact-lens solution, and had to go to the emergency room.

All-Time Inventive Late Excuses: Scary NotionAll-Time Inventive Late Excuses: Scary Notion

An employee thought Halloween was a work holiday.

All-Time Inventive Late Excuses: Poor-ous ExplanationAll-Time Inventive Late Excuses: Poor-ous Explanation

A worker said there was a hole in the roof, which caused rain to fall on the alarm clock and, as a result, it didn’t go off.

All-Time Inventive Late Excuses: MisdirectedAll-Time Inventive Late Excuses: Misdirected

An employee forgot the company had changed locations.

All-Time Inventive Late Excuses: Wild KingdomAll-Time Inventive Late Excuses: Wild Kingdom

A worker claimed a zebra was running up and down the highway, holding up traffic. (But this excuse turned out to be true.)

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