Security Pros Worry About Cloud and Mobile Safety

Security Pros Worry About Cloud and Mobile Safety

Security Pros Worry About Cloud and Mobile SafetySecurity Pros Worry About Cloud and Mobile Safety

Companies are flocking to mobile devices and the cloud, but IT security professionals worry about data loss, which is their main mobile security concern.

Confidence in SecurityConfidence in Security

Asked how confident they are in their organization’s overall security, 35% of respondents feel extremely or very confident; 50% feel moderately confident; 11% feel slightly confident; and 3% do not feel at all confident.

Top Cloud Service Delivery ModelsTop Cloud Service Delivery Models

SaaS: 72%,
IaaS: 57%,
PaaS: 49%,
BPaaS: 11%,
None or not sure: 8%

Main Benefits of the CloudMain Benefits of the Cloud

Flexible scalability: 49%,
Improved availability and business continuity: 41%,
Increased agility: 37%,
Cost reduction: 37%,
Accelerated deployment and provisioning: 31%,
Improved security: 21%

Cloud Security a Top ConcernCloud Security a Top Concern

81% of respondents said they are concerned about security; 13% said they are slightly concerned; and 6% said they are not at all concerned.

Top Five Barriers to Cloud AdoptionTop Five Barriers to Cloud Adoption

General security risks: 34%,
Lack of staff resources or expertise: 32%,
Integration with existing IT environment: 29%,
Data loss and leakage risks: 29%,
Legal and regulatory compliance: 27%,

Biggest Cloud Security HeadachesBiggest Cloud Security Headaches

Visibility into infrastructure security: 43%,
Setting consistent security policies: 38%,
Compliance: 36%,
Reporting security threats: 34%,
Lack of integration with on-premises security: 34%

Best Ways to Protect Data In the CloudBest Ways to Protect Data In the Cloud

Data encryption: 76%,
Network encryption: 69%,
Access control: 55%,
Trained cloud security professionals: 47%,
Intrusion detection and prevention: 42%

Biggest Pain Points for Mobile SecurityBiggest Pain Points for Mobile Security

Added IT resources needed to manage mobile security: 31%,
Increased help desk workload: 24%,
Reduced employee productivity: 16%,
Malware infections and related costs: 13%,
Data loss or leakage: 12%

Top BYOD Security ConcernsTop BYOD Security Concerns

Data leakage: 65%,
Lost or stolen devices: 61%,
Users download unsafe apps or content: 59%,
Malware: 57%,
Unauthorized access to data and systems: 56%

Negative Impact of Mobile ThreatsNegative Impact of Mobile Threats

Requires more IT resources for mobile security: 25%,
Increased help desk workload: 23%,
Data loss or leakage: 12%,
Reduced employee productivity: 12%,
Malware infections and related cost: 12%

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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