The Disconnect Between Breaches and Solutions

The Disconnect Between Breaches and Solutions

The Disconnect Between Breaches and SolutionsThe Disconnect Between Breaches and Solutions

Security executives are confident in their ability to protect their enterprise, even though the average company suffers two or three cyber-attacks a month.

Vulnerable but ConfidentVulnerable but Confident

75% of the security practitioners surveyed are confident that they can protect their organization from cyber-attacks, despite the fact that one-third of attacks resulted in security breaches during the past year.

Ineffective InvestmentsIneffective Investments

44% to 54% of respondents would spend more money on the same efforts they’re making now to combat breaches, even though those efforts are failing to prevent breaches.

Look InsideLook Inside

Survey respondents said internal breaches have the greatest impact, yet 58% prioritize increased capabilities and perimeter-based controls over high-impact internal threats.

Makeshift MonitoringMakeshift Monitoring

Only 37% said they are confident in their ability to monitor breaches, and just 36% said the same about minimizing disruptions.

Security PrioritiesSecurity Priorities

Protecting the company’s reputation: 54%,
Safeguarding company data: 47%,
Protecting customer information: 44%

Bottom-Line ImpactBottom-Line Impact

Only 28% of respondents would invest extra funds to mitigate against financial losses, and only 17% would invest in cyber-security training.

A Job for EveryoneA Job for Everyone

The survey respondents said that 98% of the breaches that were not detected by the security team were discovered by employees. So make security everyone’s job.

Training and TalentTraining and Talent

In a separate survey, Accenture found that 42% of respondents said they have a sufficient budget for security technology, but they need more money for training and for re failing to prevent breaches.

Engage With Top LeadersEngage With Top Leaders

Even though cyber-security is on company agendas, many CISOs feel locked out of the C-suite. They should navigate beyond their comfort zones and engage daily with leaders to discuss business issues at the core of cyber-security.

Build on Business NeedsBuild on Business Needs

Organizations that tie cyber-security efforts to real business needs will gain confidence in their ability to deal with cyber-threats.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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