When DDoS Attacks Threaten Business Opportunities

When DDoS Attacks Threaten Business Opportunities

Cost per DDoS AttackCost per DDoS Attack

DDoS attacks cost small and mid-size businesses an average of $52,000 per incident. For large enterprises, an average of $440,000 is lost in business and IT spending.

Top DDoS ConsequencesTop DDoS Consequences

The most reported consequences of DDoS attacks include hiring IT security consultants (65%), temporary loss of access to business-critical information (61%) and reactive spending on software or infrastructure (49%).

Top Four Long-Term Cost of DDoS AttacksTop Four Long-Term Cost of DDoS Attacks

26% report lost business opportunities, 38% of businesses believe DDoS attacks damage their company’s reputation, 29% report damage to their credit rating, 26% report an increase in insurance premiums

Most Commonly Reported Effect During AttackMost Commonly Reported Effect During Attack

The most commonly reported effect of a DDoS attack according to 52% of respondents is significant increases in page load times. 33% reported slight increases in page load times.

Severe Outcomes of DDoS AttacksSevere Outcomes of DDoS Attacks

More severe outcomes of DDoS attacks are transaction failures (29%) and complete disruption or complete unavailability of service (13%).

Resolution TimesResolution Times

The most common disruptions resulting from DDoS attacks are significant and slight page load time increases, which typically take one to several hours to resolve. But 20% of respondents afflicted by significant page load delays said they took more than one day to resolve, leading to massive losses of potential picks.

Levels of ConcernLevels of Concern

Preventing DDoS attacks is a top priority for the IT departments of 23% of respondents. Surprisingly, the e-commerce/online retail sector gave the lowest rating of all business sectors (19%).

DDoS Attacks Are IT's ProblemDDoS Attacks Are IT’s Problem

61% of respondents feel the IT department and management teams are responsible for defending against DDoS attacks. 21% said it is the responsibility of the network service provider or Website/hosting provider.

Reliance on Specialized CountermeasuresReliance on Specialized Countermeasures

50% of respondents agree that specialized countermeasures against DDoS attacks are an important security requirement. Financial services and utility and energy sectors feel the strongest about this (both at 60%).

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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