When Disaster Recovery Plans Are a Disaster

When Disaster Recovery Plans Are a Disaster

When Disaster Recovery Plans Are a DisasterWhen Disaster Recovery Plans Are a Disaster

A lack of training, backup power and accessible passwords are just a few of the reasons companies struggle to activate a smooth disaster recovery process.

Launch FailureLaunch Failure

Less than 29% of survey respondents said their organizations can activate their disaster recovery/business continuity (DR/BC) plan with only “limited” difficulties.


Nearly 67% said their DR/BC plan had at least one error that created difficulties.

Bad TimingBad Timing

Just more than half said the plan was not up-to-date.

Access DeniedAccess Denied

About 37% said they were unable to find the right passwords to access/utilize the plan.

Weak WattageWeak Wattage

Nearly 24% said they had insufficient backup power to put the plan in play.

Back to SchoolBack to School

About 18% said their DR/BC team didn’t have enough training to effectively carry out the plan.

Retrieval RankingRetrieval Ranking

Nearly 15% said recovery priorities were not identified in the DR/BC plan.

Missing RecordMissing Record

About 14% said their DR/BC plan was never documented.

Unknown CulpritUnknown Culprit

Nearly 13% said they couldn’t identify the event that caused the disaster/disruption in time to take advantage of their DR/BC plan.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
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