Execs Confronted With Worker Performance Issues

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 04-08-2014 Email Print this article Print

CIOs, organizational leadership and other senior executives are finding it difficult to drive their employees to peak performance levels, according to a recent survey, "Corporate Executives' Views on Leadership, Employee Performance & Innovation," conducted by Harris Interactive for Gap International, a global management consulting company. While the vast majority of execs say it's important to maximize the capabilities of workers, many openly question whether their teams can actually deliver on the quality or quantity of the tasks they're expected to deliver. Even more troubling, very few executives believe their employees even have high-performer potential. On a more constructive note, a great deal realize that the road to improvement begins with themselves: They know they can do better with respect to coming up with methods to help teams replicate success, and they intend to invest more into technology and other resources to boost results-benefiting innovation. "While executives say empowering each employee to be successful is valuable, they feel challenged to actually deliver on this," says Eric Jackson, vice president at Gap International. More than 300 U.S. senior executives participated in the research. For more about the survey, click here.

  • Peak Performance

    85% of senior executives say it's "very important" to maximize talent within their organization.
    Peak Performance
  • Short on Delivery

    Just 32% strongly agree that they can predict whether their teams will deliver the results they are committed to achieving.
    Short on Delivery
  • Missing Templates

    Only 33% strongly agree that they have established a method to help their teams replicate success.
    Missing Templates
  • Diminished Expectations, Part I

    Only 19% of executives "strongly agree" that all of their employees can exceed corporate performance goals.
    Diminished Expectations, Part I
  • Diminished Expectations, Part II

    Just one-quarter of executives believe that more than one-half of their employees have the potential to be high performers.
    Diminished Expectations, Part II
  • Top Intended Investments to Increase Innovation

    Technology: 67%, Optimization of employee performance: 44%, Leadership training: 43%, Operations: 43%, Research and development: 41%
    Top Intended Investments to Increase Innovation
  • Empowered Employees

    83% say it's very important to effectively empower employees without resorting to micro-managing.
    Empowered Employees
  • Enterprisewide Perspectives

    77% say it's very important to build effective collaboration and understanding throughout teams and departments.
    Enterprisewide Perspectives
  • Intellectual Enrichment

    72% say it's very important to increase the capacity of leaders within their company, such as expanding of the way they think.
    Intellectual Enrichment
  • Solo Act

    Only 38% of executives "strongly agree" that they seek the advice, expertise or knowledge of other executives to solve high-level business problems.
    Solo Act
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.


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