The Evolving Role of the IT Organization

While most IT organizations aspire to play a strategic role when it comes to consulting with the business, there may come a day when that is its only primary function. A new survey of 1,300 senior IT leaders conducted by Vanson Bourne on... Read More »

Most CIOs Report 'A Major IT Transformation'

According to a survey by global consulting firm Protiviti, 63 percent of CIOs and IT professionals say "a major IT transformation" is happening in their organizations due to efforts to deliver added value, enhance business performance, and increased security. The Protiviti survey, "2014 IT Priorities Survey," also reveals that the roles of... Read More »

Execs Confronted With Worker Performance Issues

CIOs, organizational leadership and other senior executives are finding it difficult to drive their employees to peak performance levels, according to a recent survey, "Corporate Executives' Views on Leadership, Employee Performance & Innovation," conducted by Harris Interactive for Gap International, a global management... Read More »

IT Worker Confidence Remains Strong

IT employees are decidedly optimistic about their careers—as well as the future of their organizations, according to a new survey from Randstad Technologies. Their overall confidence is high, and they're more self-assured when it comes to finding a new job should they explore the open market. Fortunately for CIOs, however,... Read More »

Global Business Services Gaining Traction

If you're not entirely familiar with the concept of a Global Business Services (GBS) model, there's a good chance you will be soon. GBS refers to a multi-functional operating model which integrates internal and retained business services with third parties, managing them with an enterprise-capability perspective. The goal is to enhance overall operational effectiveness and business... Read More »

Why CIOs Need to Use Predictive Metrics

Being able to accurately predict the future is a skill that only certain IT professionals possess. Some IT leaders can see upcoming trends, adapt to them before they make their presence known to competitors, and their company benefits as a result. At least, that's the moral of "Predicts 2014: Business Process Reinvention Is Vital to Digital Business Transformation," a new Read More »

Are You a Digital CIO?

Successful digital CIOs have a strategic vision of how technology will transform their business. And they know how to implement it.

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Cyber-Attacks: A Failure to Detect, Investigate

The failure to detect cyber-attacks and investigate them puts companies and their CISOs' jobs (and, of course, CIOs' jobs) at "significant risk," according to a new Ponemon Institute study. The report, "Threat Intelligence and Incident Response: A Study of U.S. and EMEA Organizations," was sponsored by Read More »

How to Prepare Your Organization for a Disaster

Disasters arrive in many ways—from tornados to floods to ice storms to blizzards to wildfires to mudslides. (Not to mention those garden-variety power outages.) Frequently, they're not easy to anticipate, so organizations must be prepared for anything in advance. The stakes are high: 43 percent of companies that experience a major data loss do not reopen, according to industry... Read More »

Employee Distractions Reaching Epidemic Levels

With 24/7/365 access to the Internet and social media—not to mention a relentless barrage of incoming e-mails—employees are constantly facing challenges when it comes to workplace distractions. In fact, the average professional sends and receives 105 e-mails a day, and check their in-boxes 36 times an hour, research shows. As for social media? More than three of four workers with... Read More »

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